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Emerald Eclipse
I'm back....... For those of you who can't tell, it's me, Flaming Eclipse.

MY picture of Emerald.
MINE! (sorry I thought that it'd be funny. But seriously, it is my picture, inspired by FluorescentScales)
(And if it's an Umbreon, I got it as a gift, so not mine... TBH, I don't know if the one who gave it to me recolored it or not, so you'd have to ask him... Sorry, but that's all I know. But, it's truly not my picture.)
(I may sometimes use a picture made by Ima Fishstick, FluorescentScales, or Sky207.)
(I'll also have other accounts to be back ups, or for RP. So, if I say something to show who I am, it's me)
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@WiispNightmare: *pats your back*
Good job
Though, a slightly happier poem would better suit your collection. Despite that, it is good and helps convey emotion and the feeling of sadness. Try emphasizing the emotions more by a little more rhyme, and a tad less words unless you're going for a long poem.
Overall, good poem. I look forward to the next one
Relax, no need for the caps lock
@pixlyJolt: It's best to not ask
O.. K..
*raises paw*
Single forever here
Cool, I may have an Eevee somewhere
@pixlyJolt: From sitting so long and the hand muscles being in the same position for 4 hours while being given pressure

Of course she'd be hurt
@Emily the shy sylveon: Like a certain Sylveon I know
This is confusing
Emerald Eclipse
February 11th, 2019
@hade: I can't post anything here
So not me
Why does this keep happening?

I get confused
Emerald Eclipse
February 11th, 2019
O... K...
I'm just gonna..