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I like music and singing. My favorite thing to read right now is the web comic series called Rain by LittleLynn84 (Jocelyn Samara).
I am a part of the LGBTQ community and I'm proud of it. I love to sketch fan-art and right now i'm making my own comic book (by hand) based off of the Rain webcomics mentioned before. Last thing... I LOVE Harry Potter and will fight you if you don't.
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    Shalin Rajput
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Drew freaking became awesome!!
Do you do comics full time or do you have another occupation?
I really missed Maria... she's my second favorite character behind Rudy
she reminds me of Sucy from Little witch Academia
OMG I have been waiting since November to read more o this. I'm so glad that you're back and with LOTS of new reading material. I hope you're doing well.
Oh drew...
This boy is about to do something really stupid isn't he...
This stranger has long hair and the shape of their body is more female... I bet its a guy!
I love this comic so much.If I could draw, I would help out immediately
me when I play any spellcaster in DnD
such an awkward bean
oh damn
Honestly I did the same thing with my brother when we grew up. I would always win because i would just pretend to be sad and he was gullible. lol
Oh damn
Somethings bout to go down after his story...
She's totally crushing on him
very concerened
It's been over 4 months now.Are you okay? When are you going to post again?
I absolutely love this comic. It reminds me of my wonderful idiot friends that I play Dungeons and Dragons with.