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disgusting children ew gross ugh they proably like fotnite little gremlin babies im going to vomit
you always seem to come up with the coolest designs, and i love seeing what you come up with next!
@29CuCopper: aaaaa, thank yoooou!
@pixlyJolt: typhlosion in armor here i come
@comercole: yup. this is a different one
suggest stuff
get into his mouth
ding dong your claws are gone
@comercole: well i just thought it would be fun if i added it as a reference, so yeah
@comercole Actually, i dont really know how to send an image over the PM system in smackjeeves, but I think you can simply screenshot the image, or save it considering the watermark is so hard to see
@comercole: Ok! and its hard to see, but its on the bottom left
@comercole: OH and i have a question; do you have a Discord or something that I could send this to you with? I do have a version that isn't watermarked that i could just send to you
@comercole: AAAAAAAA thank you!!!
sorry i haven't been uploading recently, as i said, didnt have much motivation, and i got a job for the summer. I hope to upload more often in the future

(zoom out to see full image)