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Isn't the money in the main games based on Japanese yen?
@Dar_Bear23: My day just started because I was playing Breath of the Wild till 4AM. So... much... content...
@Woo: Crap, I started to write that first, but my wall of text took too long.
@DarkFireEevee: MST is Mountain Standard Time (at least in the U.S., I don't know if any other time zones have that abbreviation). I just Googled it, that would put you 10 hours behind Woo, assuming I got your time zone right. I started this comment before checking Google, and I have the memory of a goldfish. If it's about noon where you are when I post this, then I'm right.
Happy birthday, wish I had something funny to say, but oh well.
@Samadriel: Yeah, I probably should've seen that coming...
@Tehpikachu: I was wondering when we'd see that again... But wasn't it originally the rekt counter?
As creepy as this whole situation is, baby Leon is still adorable.
@Thedoggoking: And on that note, fun fact: While testing an early version of Pokemon Red and Green, Koffing's name was listed as NY, and Wheezing was LA (or it might have been the other way around). At the time, these two cities (New York and Las Angeles, in case anyone sees this who isn't from the US) had the highest levels of air pollution in the country. And there's your random Pokemon fact of the day, just don't expect another one anytime soon, I'm lazy AF.
Panel 3: Me when Gen 8 got announced
Panel 5: Me when GameFreak said we won't be able to transfer any Pokemon that aren't in the new regional Pokedex.
@TheGoodraGamer: And I want some of whatever it is.
@bonberjean: To be fair, that Hoothoot has a very Espurr-like stare. They've seen some shit.
God, I love this Zorua!
Called it.
Is anyone else's SJ account still saying this and the last page are new, no matter how many times they read it?
@Kittenwishstar: Wow, I didn't actually think anyone would reply to that. I found the new pages, there's a Q&A right before chapter one.
Oooooookay, so THIS is why Smackjeeves said there was a new page. I hit latest page and it sent me to the last page of the actual comic.
Ok, I'm confused. Smackjeeves says the comic was updated six hours ago, but this is still the latest page, what the hell? Wait, why am I even posting this, then...? Shit.
Honestly, until I noticed the tail, I thought that Raichu was Threat...