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@Mr. Guest.: But that was only in the original gen 3 games. Mouse is playing Omega Ruby, it's not a shipwreck in that game... Then again, who knows? Mouse might take some creative liberties.
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: Hey, it happens. Take all the time you need.
Oooh... Hoverboots gonna get it!
October 23rd, 2019
@Gamegod018: Whoa, I forgot I made that comment... But it's still true. I love cats, but Shinx, Espurr, male Meowstic, and Litten are the only cat Pokemon I actually like. Besides, I hate the design of Gigantamax Meowth, it feels like a ripoff getting that as an early purchase bonus...
Lemme guess... New partner incoming? And, wow, no else has commented yet? Ummmm... *insert funny comment here* Yeah, I need to go sleep...
Okay, I think I'm gonna like this Rotom... and his mini me's.
Welcome back, I've looking forward to this!
Is it just me, or does that guy who just shouted kinda look like he's on something?
Okay, I've always preferred Cyndaquil, but this Totodile is adorable, I think I have a new favorite character.
Wait, what happened to the comment I was replying to???? @EeveeBoi, are you there?!
@EeveeBoi: But Jiraiya is also extremely strong (I think, I stopped watching Naruto after the Chunin exams), and unless Gai is some kind of battling prodigy, he is nowhere near Jiraiya's level of ass-kicking.
September 28th, 2019
OH SHIT! RUN LITTLE FOX DUDE, RUN! Pleasedontdiepleasedontdiepleasedontdie...

I think I may have overreacted a bit.
@Flareon1225: In a nutshell, Kris is breaking the fourth wall, and it sounds like she's gonna sum up everything that happened in this chapter because she can see the comments section and knows that a lot people are confused.
Not sure why I'm posting this...
Okay, finally stopped being lazy and checked who left the comment that led to this running joke. @Sconic123, if you're still here, congratulations! Your joke is still relevant five years later!
@Pok: Screw that. If I'm breaking the fourth wall, I'm gonna join her.
@GearTech147: Now all we need is a certain set of Growlithe twins, and the apocalypse can begin in earnest.
@Excalibeon-Z: I'm pretty sure that's the backstory for a Soul Caliber character...
Sorry, no funny(ish) comment this time
Speedy Rekt Count: 38
@Murp: Sorry, it's kind of a tradition now.