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@Pok: Sorry, you're about three weeks too late.
@Sakarime: I agree with BearFangs, is something up? Like, something more than just school? Your comment makes it sound like your depressed... Or maybe just burnt out, but still.
Crap... Trying to reply to RekindledDragon, forgot the @, and my phone won't let me edit my previous comment.
YES. This guy gets it.
Also, I predict Cedars gonna start freaking out on the next page.
All right everyone, time to make your predictions. What will hatch from the egg? For no real reason, I'm guessing Sandshrew.
That actually makes more sense. But all I know about any kind of locke comes from watching Dobbs and Original151 on YouTube, and they call it the species clause.
Actually, now that I think of it, you probably posted all the rules for your locke on page 1 or something already... Oops.
By species clause, I mean if your first encounter on a route is a Pokemon you've already caught, or evolves from or into a Pokemon you've already caught, you can keep trying for a different encounter as long as you don't catch it.
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: Just out of curiosity, for your earthlocke, are you doing the species clause or shiny clause?
@Garnet107: Yeah, that sucks, it's, what? A 12.5% chance?
Well, THAT came outta nowhere...
I'm trying to remember, was Lush Prairie an actual dungeon in the game? I think it was in Explorers of Sky, right?
@TerrytheTeryx: Well, in all fairness, Houndour can have Flash Fire, but I don't think that's gonna do him much good when Mycaelis claws out his throat...
Are we going to see the return of the Rekt Counter? Or the start of a new one? Place your bets now!
Not to knock on gen 5, but some of the Pokemon designs from that gen were kinda... meh. But I love this Woobat/Swoobat and Arceops, seriously, GameFreak could learn a thing or two from the fans. Great work as always, Neko, looking forward to the new chapter.
@Nashew: Yeah, same. I can imagine him (or her) and the twins getting together to drive everyone crazy.
@Hardychuckle: Matt who? Matt Bragg, from Achievement Hunter? It sounds like something he may have said, but I can't remember when...