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I still wonder how they got the lapras, lapras is a strong pokemon in the games...

I guess with numbers even arceus can be defeated
oh no... eevee was affected by a cliffhanger
oh no... curse you, Thanos
Arceus appear to invite then to a poker torunament, and they can't refuse...
looks like its a guide after all
@Sabinoplane: that's how it always starts
pretty sure the zombie outbreak will start after a night in the hotel
oh no... the next page button is missing
nice scarf, it change colors
why does he looks like a super sayan?
this scorbunny was there before the race? or is it a different car?
who is keeping track of the rekt counter? because in the next page... I think it would be needed
wait... who put 'solo mid' there?
@mcslurpi: me too... that name is too big
you thought it was Arceus, but it was me, Dio!
I wonder what would happen if he manages to find a (working) pokedex