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how much was the Jirachi's level again? (I don't know if it was mentioned)
wow... he can demolish anything in his path
Now I really want to know what moves they are
"those worlds" you that pokemon doesn't die, only faint?
celebi so cool that even his sunglasses needs sunglasses
this one is probably the legendary crisis
legendary pokemon is losing their powers and he have to help them recover it
NPC: Stay here, I need to do some stuff, brb
MC: Ok
[Random event appears that makes the MC leaves the place]
draw one of your characters with a batman costume :P
Rip: Here lies Salamence, he took a Moonblast in the face
@Moon creechor: still works if they are wet (anime logic)
Are Eevee(lution)s part cat?
I didn't know that Sylveon knew a fire move to leave that burn
would be funnier if it was a male primarina, more setups for jokes, but hey, my favorite pokemon is in it... so I think is cool
Pichu is afraid of Owls?
to be honest, I think you could upload these images only in your "extra stuff" comic page, I use RSS tracker and I get double notifications because of that...

the character looks cool
can you find a Cosmog in there too?
@DarkFlameOSecrets: you know what would be more funny? if Alejandro somehow knows the move metronome and it uses Explosion