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Now that I think about it... what about Z moves?
@Shiny cobra: then its good (the answer would be the same regardless if there was Mega or not)
depends... in this PMD universe, is there Mega evolutions?
this Celebi must be Pimpnite in pokemon form
even Jirachi joined in on the puns
The old lady sees you are a pokemon trainer, she wants to battle
Dialga must be using a looplet with a type bulldozer emera on it
it would be funny if all humans that becomes pokemon in the PMD universe becomes shiny instead
and then a blue screen appear on the monitor
losing the pizza... now that is a tragedy
Hey Incineroar, did you tried using the axe? I heard it always works if you want to defeat bowser, no matter the form
Jirachi, you prefer to be refered as a miss or mister?
this Smeargle looks like the scheming sort, evil scheming sort
@LuckyPuppie: he never cut it before
@Pokemon151: No, he's (she?) is a Jirachi
listen to the dark type pokemon