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I wonder what would happen if he manages to find a (working) pokedex
In my language, it means wall
in simple terms, this vulpix is an ice type
what ditto/zoroark replaced her?
what? you wanted to be a shiny?
I the Joker had a pokemon, it would be that Espeon
"T-that's not that important;"

it should have been:
"T-that's not important;" or
"I-its not that important;"

need to check the grammar
this is an electric car or a regular (gas/ethanol) car?
something tells me that he'll evolve when he start thrusting others...
So... the pokemons speak Korean and Pichu speaks English? or it was just an untranslated panel?
With a Victini watching over him, I don't think anything could go wrong
Vietnam flashbacks? must be really bad
wouldn't be funny if one of them decided to prank the other by using pokemon noises?
Did mewtwo just use sarcasm?
I wonder if he'll interact with a "NPC" that ask about a pokemon in his pokedex but finds out that he doesn't have one... the NPC will glitch out or he'll accuse him of not delivering the parcel?
Citrus berry are a powerful little thing isn't it?
looks like it started to rain... inside my house
this rune somehow looks like Arceus