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@Allbergerman: pretty sure it'd take longer
@SuperbroRules25: probably just cc

Edit: I mean, CC kinda sounds like a name for a robot/cyborg.
@anonymous2006: Well, it could be he posted extra but in your time zone it was 1:35, so that parts not really hard evidence
Oof, I haven't been here in a long time... (pixlyJolt account still banned ;w;)

Also, can someone catch me up on this? I don't have time to read through the 20 or so pages I've missed ever since February or so, around the time of Valentine's Day...
Me with any kind of long pasta ☺️
Yeah, but there are a lot of kids tbh 😅
Oh wow and in Eeveelution order-er-Pokèdex order I see
Still only at 3 fans, eh p1x? -w-
Lazuli will kill for senpai -pixlyJolt (dang, haven’t been here to comment in a while, forgot my moodset for whenever I would read or comment)
Lots going on in here @w@‘