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I like to create stories both fiction and comic.
Gettin' close to where the retelling diverges from the old version~ Kinda exciiitiiiing~! Lots and LOTS more Jack to come! So hold on tight!
@KingCityWitch: XD I certainly try my best. Hope you've enjoyed it so far
@n-g-e: Thank ya~!
So much has happened! I got a new, better job that I actually enjoy! The Duo returned to an Uno, still dynamic thank you very much! And I've been veeery sleepy and not sure why exactly. We suspect its the crash after escaping SO MUCH stress and bad shit. I'm only now starting to accept that there isn't more doom just on the horizon. It's really wild having things go well for me? Took me a while to adjust and accept it.

Also, now unequivocally obsessed with Good Omens and no one will stop me!

I've also discovered I have a more scattered brain without the threat of punishment than I thought I would 8'D Which has caused me to keep forgetting to POST updates for you all. So, enjoy this update! And remember that messages and feedback help me stay focused! I honestly wouldn't mind someone pestering me on Discord regularly so I don't forget to update things, just sayin'.
@Huntered45: It was originally hidden in the sand garden, and that's where he found it in the future. Omi hid it right where it was found. The last place anyone would think to look for it.
@Huntered45: He'd already have it. It can't exist twice after all.
@Huntered45: Nah, HR follows the laws of split timelines.
And that's the end of Chapter 1! Hope you're enjoying so far! Next up, a short interlude of Jack meeting the Son.
Last page with that beautiful background that took me weeks to make XD Had to give it a last 'hurrah!'
Couldn't do as MANY edits to this one as I'd wanted to, I'm still wet behind the ears on where to find my favorite photoshop features on PS7, but I tried!
Thanks to our dear reader Quaily we have reattained Photoshop!! It's an older version than what I'm used to, so there's a bit of adjusting my usual work style for it, but I think we'll manage~ >83c Page 17 has already been updated!
It's back!
And might I say I absolutely HATE Gimp. We managed to string together a combination of Sai and Gimp to get words on the page at least, but its obviously not going to be matching the previous pages. Being that this is a fancomic and we're still only in chapter one, I've decided I just do not care. What matter's is it's updating at all.


Lost my custom shapes when I lost my previous version though, so gonna have to rebuild all the ones I needed ^^; not looking forward to that part.
@Huntered45: Perhaps at one point they did, unsure if they still have them now. Things worked differently in the first timeline than they will in the next because of Jianyu existing and Jack's general interference.
@Huntered45: Exactly!
@Otakutron: Yep, and then the computer cord snapped so it's been a hassle.
I am dead tired. Please take this page X.x
@Huntered45: Naah, not really any left to care by this point. The Wu are kinda old news and most of the other minor villains have moved on to better conquests. Even Jack stopped trying to steal them!
@Huntered45: Eventually, yes. I just haven't had the time to do much of anything lately. between having to come to work early and/or stay late and then getting sick I've even fallen behind on page posting.
Luckily, none of the extras pages are really needed until mid-to-late chapter 2 anyway.
@Huntered45: Nah, they still tease him like old times, but he's still technically evil and they don't really approve of Omi training him to begin with.
@Huntered45: A valid HC, but not the one we use for HR.