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xxx nemo xxx
love to draw. love making friends. want to either go into art, or modeling :]
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AHAHAHAA your icon is inception cat AHAHAHA /just noticed/
Monday is suck a dbag.
A question
I know in the video kyra needed to kiss a merman to stay alive, so how is she still alive? And will we ever see aiden again?
i wish he was back D: he didn't do any thing wrong DD: he's a good man!
I did make art of each of the boys but i will wait till my birthday and see if my mom got me a scanner or not, and if she did i will give hem all to you, plus re-give the one i took with my camera :D
well i happen to think she over reacted to the whole thing. i think it was pretty clear he didn't mean for it to happen
lawl. he looks cute, but out of character x3 :hug:
so cute! <3
awe he is so cute >w<
i would like to join yya. :3 please get back to me i have a great character