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Pfp from the bungo stray dogs wan! Manga~
Aww poor lil raichu :,O
Aaa so cool ^w^
Kishi: I have amnesia
Salazzle: Do you remember-
This looks so cool already :0
* Shows picture of dusk panel 8 and of dawn *
Same cup size
Aww they’re so cute, I love wholesome friendships uwu
They go
I reallyyy hope this conversation changes Dusk for the better, but seeing how Dusk is handling it probably not ;w;
Happy birthday! ^^
Skitty got yo back also it’s fine! Take all the time you need ^^
When will the cup abuse end
this looks so cool :o
Ok, hope everything goes ok with whatever happened!
Okay but half of me wants the Poochyena to win instead of the protags oop-