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I may not be the brightest
Me: "I should tone down the complexity of the backgrounds so that it doesn't take months to make a page."

Also me:
Haha! I didn't forget about this comic! Totally! Haha!
What you see vs what she sees
Yo wtf. This is incredible. I can't imagine how much work it'll take to make an entirely animated comic though.
I really like Lily's design. I can't wait to read an entire comic and get to see dozens of pages of panels with her just the way she is in them.
Possibly the most ambitious panel so far! Was it worth it? The answer is no.
I'm holding out for Atticus keeping the moustache for the rest of the comic.
I think it's really impressive that he can write on limp paper with a pencil without anything to prop it up.
Ah geez, the formatting is a big oof. Hopefully it still has some semblance of readability.
"Don't think I'm trying to back you into a corner."

*Starts approaching menacingly.*
@ILeninVelikyNamPutOzaril: The comic ends on page 20 after Houndoom mauls Abra.
No on-screen corpse? She's definitely alive then!
Alternate Panels:
<img src="">
Eggs are typically used as payment for missions at around the same frequency as reviver seeds. Reviver seeds can be sold at 80 poke each. This is an absolute scam.