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Squirtle sqaud
I like Pokemon and Nintendo
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what in the BEANOS is goin' on
iheard only one more standardchaptertill the end ive been reeading sincejuly 2018
Todayis the area fifty one raid if any one cares :\/ 5hrs
Todayis the area fifty one raid if any one cares :\/ 5hrs
if you're a gamer what do you think about minecraft coming back
i started reading this a year ago and this chapter is much more confuzzling than most this is going to have a sad series finally but hope fuly not for awhile
what happened to speedy ko counter
why is glaceon ahem cc so strong
why did kris do dat she normallysays nomes not bro or brother
future brother in la... hmm ok lets not mind that . hmmmmmm?
when next comes out i well be hyped
PKM is speedy x lazuli canon
I think it's their family like their dad and mom
When virus leave I had the flu yesterday
He might leave flare and eat everything