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Reading PKM-150's Eeveelution Squad Drawing Personal Clips Of His Characters, Especially Sunshine All Make Me Happy, I've Considered trying to make my own Comic, Maybe Soon...
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A very strong hammer to the fourth wall
I know better than to hide behind a mask.
And are you going to do anything further with that hate?
Shhh! We don’t want him coming for us next! XD
Great episode! I hope you aren’t working yourself to hard though, with the quick episodes and great story and art! ^~^
You know, i almost didnt notice how much the "first" problem has been solved, the comments seem much more friendly now. Keep up the work PKM-150!
@EpicSignal Weeee wooooo weeee wooo! Grammar police coming!
Julian just jotted a joyful alliteration
Everybody calls speed dumb, I think dense is a better word for him.
Hmmm... -~- I'm only just remembering that flare wants to meet leafs dad. Let's hope leafs dad isn't overly protective. IF he is nice that is.
@Blitz Maxis: They're No "Daddy" Though! XD
@Umbreon5456: lol, I knew it... -v-=3 *sigh*
@Pandemiccarp743: And Blushing ridicoulusly, like, Reading is More Important!
deep breath speed! *pushes speed*
Sylveon?... If Sylveon, And Vaporeon were suddenly sisters... Then... Sylveon And Speed Got Married? I'm On Your Trail Vaporeon! Also Keep Up The Good Work As Always @PKM-150