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Everybody calls speed dumb, I think dense is a better word for him.
Hmmm... -~- I'm only just remembering that flare wants to meet leafs dad. Let's hope leafs dad isn't overly protective. IF he is nice that is.
@Blitz Maxis: They're No "Daddy" Though! XD
@Umbreon5456: lol, I knew it... -v-=3 *sigh*
@Pandemiccarp743: And Blushing ridicoulusly, like, Reading is More Important!
deep breath speed! *pushes speed*
Sylveon?... If Sylveon, And Vaporeon were suddenly sisters... Then... Sylveon And Speed Got Married? I'm On Your Trail Vaporeon! Also Keep Up The Good Work As Always @PKM-150
@AirRaid: Couugh cough! *Trace Time*
@Morzone: Based On What has currently happened, I Assume that it will soon go into Backstory of pearl, Black, And Silvia, Speed.
Hey PKM-150! Noticed Youve Been Uploading At Any Time of The day (particularly the morning) instead of 8-10?
@pixlblox9099: Well My Tiny Eevee Paws... And we compare... then we think about size... okay how about we compare my eevee fuzzness in my case to the bigness of the Horns of xerneas-ness... Ummm... Big Difference, I guess?
B-black D-dint notice he was G-getting close? o~o (Sunshine watching them)
How Did I Not KNOW!? O-O Happy B-day PKM-150! I'm About to release my First Page To! Its A Day For Celebration! ^ ^ Confetti And Kazooes!
@PKM-150, Thanks once again for the advice! and I've Created A Character as Practice! Thing is, I'm A. to Lazy To make a comic using it Or B. Just not talented Enough, So if you'd like to use it in your Main comic Or In ANE Feel Free...If I Was More Talented to actually make for than one picture of Him Id Use Him. \^~^/
@PKM-150: Thanks! I Kinda Thought if i kept drawing with the style over and over, i'd somehow just understand The style and be able to use it every time... Keep Up the great work and Nice plot!