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Age: 19
Synonyms: wolf, anime artist, spazz, lesbian, etc.

Antonyms: Calm, normal, egotistical.
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Adorable as ever, and stop being so good at drawing anatomy. =C

*squeals* I get my Internet back and yay, new pages!

I believe that Tomoyo's face in the last panel is the best face/pose you've ever done. I can never get the wrist/hand positioning right. ^^;
Ooh, I get to be surprised! :love:

Sorry I just can't resist trying to figure out what happens now. Your story's a delightful enigma that I check daily.
*squeals and flails all over the place, then puts her hands up like a movie director in a square shape with her fingers and thumbs*

Aaaannnd~... Cue one of them sneezing. xD
I knew those hidden cam-er, I mean, I'm just really intuitive. >.>

id I though? xD I was just going from logic that time.
Haha, tha ._. face never fails to garner in the cuteness. You pull it off so well!

...One of them's gotta get sick from being out in the rain so long though, haha.
*squeals and dies* Even though we all saw it coming,that doesn't make it any less epic. <3 I cannot WAIT to see where this goes from here.:3
Oh god... Torn.... Sexy Tomoyo or loser Tomoyo... WHICH WILL REIGN!? <3

Seriously, I'm stunned. These pages are gorgeous. I'm literally begging you to publish this at some point.
Haha, I'm a writer. And I can get into other writers' heads pretty easily after reading their works for so long - you're no exception. ^^; Though since I have no knowledge of the universe this is taking place in, I can assure you I'm in for more than a few surprises.

...Though you'd be amazed at how many times your dialogue has given things away for me, and never in an obvious way. <3


Also, EDIT: Is Tomoyo's ponytail like, her weakness or something? xD She's so suave and sexy without it.
I agree with Ruka. I can totally see Megumi being all like, "oh you're ok! *hughughug*...........*SMACK* Don't EVER do that again you insensitive jerk! I was worried sick!" xP
Ooh, I like multi-page updates. :3

And is it just me or does it sound like Yogi may be more interested in Tomoyo than she seems? I'm sensing she may have more of a role later on...

And dear god plot twists can be confusing. xD They're why I hade to set my novel aside for a bit. Spinny head much? <3
Ya know, Yogi's got a point. No money, Tomoyo? Seriously... xD
"...I'm sure she's okay."
I think that's my favorite in-context line so far. <3
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Yeah, actually, but I also know that you're far too popular and busy to reply. xD

I'm happy just to read the comic, and can I say, I'm surprisingly happy to see Yogi again! =D
Oh god, entirely too funny. Poor Tomoyo...

...I get the feeling I'll be saying that a whole lot more in the coming chapters. o.O
I"m sorry, but Tomoyo's ToT expression is waaaaaaay too cute. You could go to jail for cuteness like that. <3

And really? This is what happens when I get a new browser and lose all my bookmarks. I miss a whole bloody chapter. Ilu though. <3
*whines* C'mon~, Tomo-kun! ((yes I know damn well it's a male-oriented suffix. xP)) For the fannnnns!!!

Why do I read it? Well Taiki recommended it a while back and at first I though, 'hey lesbians!' But I started really noticing how you've improved throughout the comic and while I saw a couple of plot twists, others completely threw me. I really like where you're going with it and if it ever gets published - fingers crossed! - I look forward to purchasing it.

I also relate to Tomoyo a lot. It's hard for me to admit my feelings in my current relationship, or how much I want something until it's almost gone... Heh. ^^' I'm sorry for rambling. Butch chicks are HOT. [/making comment relevant again]
Gah, explanation phases kill me. ;_;

You did an amazing job on this page though. I'm sill hooked! :3
Angry Megumi is win, complete and utter adorableness.

Tomoyo with her hair down is hot, end of story. <3
Aww, I don't know whether to say poor Tomoyo or poor Megumi... *fangirls all over Tomoyo*