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Haha, I thought of Laybrinth when I first saw this. I love it. Does he have a glass ball?
Chipper and bubbly best friends are always the best, especially when they don't mind breaking conventions.
Whoa. That was cool.
You think ALL guys have these dreams about her? Maybe that's why they don't pick her up?
He looks sooo sweet!
Wow, I looove the lines on the last panel.
VAMPIRE? Hahah, that was my first thought too. His eyes are SOOO huge!
Euphoria is something similar to being high, if you can relate to that. Most drugs give you a feeling of "euphoria."
She's sweet, if a little scheming. ^_^
The look in panel five reminds me of L. XD
Yeah. XP Don't break the monument! ^_^;;
But the black looks really good. I'm not sure I agree about the "falling flat" statement, but it does make better use to space.
Yeah, the new style is SO BEAUTIFUL! Every page is so pretty now!
UH OH, pink hair... I like it.
AWWW. Ghod, she's smokin'. ^_^
I don't like Sara, though. Harrison is fun, but... ;_;
AWWWWW! I exploded when I read that last panel. Love it.
We needs some Seiya partnership! The agency would love that!

Um, a little early to commit, right? Still, you find a magical girl in a shrine, what do you expect? Doesn't she read ANY shoujo?
Seiya sooo cute! So how did she cook them, make a fire in the livingroom?! ^_^;
Aww, TINY! EIK!!! >_<