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All-Seeing Eye Dog
My name is Dylan,I'm 17 years old and I'm an Artist. I have a particular interest in cartooning, and I am most proficient in animation and comics. I don't really work as an artist as of yet (I'm a janitor at a movie theater) but I have an interest in pursuing
art as a career.

I have to update the schedule on the comics because I can't manage my art with my job and school anymore, so just ignore any dates written in the description.

1 animation meme
Monday///: 2 panels of each (Late to update)
Bunny Boi
Switch our lives
The Amazing Adventures of Alison
Ana is a Cyborg
Tuesday///: 1 Art challenge (Late to update)
Wednesday///: 1 chapter of one of these comic (Late to Update)
Alex at the End of the World
Soldier On
Hey Mr.Rain
Maniac Michelle
Skellie the Cowgirl
Thursday///: 2 writing Pieces
Friday///: 1 JoJo chapter
Saturday///: 1 animation meme
Updates are 3 weeks in so I'm going to be submitting 3 of each of these things, I'm also late by 3 days so I have to update those today.
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