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Bruh don’t be like Balthazar Bratt from Despicable Me 3 man
Woah man watch your profanity XD
It’s okay! It’s fine.
Okie dokie let’s chill lol
So, the name you suggested is unrealistic and I only accept realistic Warrior Cats names.
And next time please try not to spam, I’m not mad or anything, but it is kind of inconvenient.
Good luck out there trooper
Wait why did I put that twice I think I meant that to be for someone else lol
Sorry but they are currently closed!
Can you explain what you mean please? I don’t understand
It’s okay man 😅 sorry if I sounded angry....because I’m not I’m just busy :/
September 11th, 2019
Oh man I’m feeling the feels
September 9th, 2019
Sorry, requests are currently closed! But hey man those are awesome names!
Your art style is impressing, it maintains such quality while allowing to convey emotions clearly, and the characters and backgrounds look clean and well done...and the main character you have created and introduced is unique and just amazing!
You have a very clever sense of humor XD I’m loving this!
September 8th, 2019
I’ve been admiring this comic for a long time, because it’s brave of a creator to add certain topics to the comic that everyone have different opinions about, and it’s amazing to see examples of people like ourselves who are trying to figure themselves out, even in a comic, because it makes us feel represented and a little less alone. In short, I admire your bravery while making this comic, and how you illustrate this original story of yours. This is a wonderful comic in so many ways.
Wow that’s an incredible amount of time! I admire your determination with this comic, because seeing the comic is one thing, but when you learn the process and the time it takes to maintain the quality, it’s a whole other level.
Me when I’m counting the comics I’ve dropped XD