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I'm a demon Louie that makes comics from Bomberman and Louies! If you are a Bomberman fan, you are in for a treat! Join the adventures that await your favorite characters! ^w^
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    Demon Louie
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@jaketheflareon231: Oh! I have a lurker! XD Hane might be alright, but only time will tell...
Early page because this page wasn't out last week! On deviantart it will be released tomorrow for those who like to make comments on there.
Otherwise, this place gets early updates to people who read comics here as this is a web comic hosting site.
I've also been very busy, so some weeks will be skipped on page uploads!
This page was set up early! I'll have to draw pages early before the day they come out because it's a bit of hard work here and there with each page.
And you think things get better for Hane? Gem is making progress by recording what Deva is saying. Such a smart robot Louie, huh?
3 pages in and we already get to see Stan again and he is older now! But how old? Time will only tell. :D
Chapter 6 cover is coming soon!
The plot thickens even more! Lies, lies and more lies! Warey is soon going to make Toby a warrior and they will deal with Fury Clan soon enough.
Dark Clan is in trouble maybe... We have to see how much Fury Clan can figure things out first!
Latest page... Fury Clan may have figured things out... Who knows...
I just found this page funny! It's Mario! XD