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you know me (ehhh maybe not actually)
@meli: i've heard CQ pronounce yma's name out loud here qchat

and she's said she pronounced ylil's name as either ye-lil or ya-lil (personally i pronounce the 2nd one)

and uhh i don't know exactly how to pronounce evets, but i pronounce it eh-vets (i use to pronouce it e-vets w/ a hard E but that sounded dumb to me)
evets: emotions what
what are those i don't have them
@FallingDog: honly shit
omigod aaaa
yo i like this christmas present
okay but seaweed is a mood
yellow is trying to beat wallis at the hair floof game
is ya girl
cloud mama
October 13th, 2018
i wish i had money to become a patreon but I'M BROKE UGH
i still love your comic! it's amazing!