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@Koal: Oh damn... it is now, thanks!
@Nekoturny: A nice home away from home
@Mister T: Try saying that to the sun's face :P
@Nekoturny: haha well, one person's nightmare is another's sex dream. after all, tentacles are quite popular in certain dating circles.
@Nekoturny: that's what she said.
@Mister T: "... And it was by running a train that they all learned the value of teamwork and cooperation."
@Mister T: Thank you! I'm glad you like it. Next I'll write some adult erotica that gets corrupted by wholesome Disney content.
@Koal: I never heard of Chalk Zone before, but I swear I shall defeat it!
Photo Credits
Clockwise from top left:

Adams, Eddie. Saigon Execution. 1968. []

Carter, Kevin. The vulture and the little girl. 1993. []

Filo, John. Photo from Kent State Shootings. 1970. []

McCurry, Steve. The Afghan Girl. 1984. []
@PK_Artist: You're a good artist and all, but I have no interest in Pokemon outside of porn.
@Stever98: Thanks! I'm launching it on a few new platforms to hype up the last issue coming out soon.