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I work, I eat, I sleep, I draw.

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@Delta-v: Thanks, it is good to be back! Just keep an eye out for the latest information which will be posted at: first!
Well a lot has happened in the time I have been gone! I am working on a big return! =D
Cool tutorial
Sweet! Can't wait to see it!
Whatever works!
I've seen hundreds of tutorials on the net and really they're just "guidelines" there is no perfect way of doing anything.. even when it comes to symmetry. It doesn't have to be... so.... uniform. Perhaps that's the best way to look at it. I take it one portrait at a time, of course things come out looking...different each time, but that's the beauty of it!!! Every page has a different feeling!! Well I look forward to seeing more of your work. ^^
Aw, cute! P.S. Gold star on the hair!!
Very cool! :D
Too cute!
My favorite characters in comics have always been the female warriors, except in SAO, but that's a different story.... One of my absolute favorites is Saber from Fate Stay Night. I can definitely sense the strength in your concept. Well done. Now lets see some line work? :D
This is a cool study page, but I gotta say the little figure on the bottom left is awesome :P
I can see that you are a Naruto fan. lol. Nice sketch.
way cool!
Yes, I will get a button up as soon as I can. :> P.S. Thanks for the vote!
:> I don't think Jordan will be able to part with him now hehe
Big attitude for a lil'guy huh? :>