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what shall this juwn do?
i love me some cheesy feesh
@O.O: hit the nail on the head there
@BudgieGryphon: one of my favorite things about the internet is their ability to ship anything also I agree.
@sunsetowo: wot in tordnation
@Moealmighty: but does she always land on her feet?
or at the very least be able to move in the air easier
@JellyFilledZombies: i love this comic so much i cant wait for more
@Foxey: i see you everywhere we must have a similar taste in comics
Diet Purr
i read the can of soda in the second panel as diet purr cuz the purple was partially covered it was amusing
@Glitchionius: i prefer heroin but yes
@NtKGar: Wow Thanks for the info! I'm hoping to obtain a tablet sometime soon but when I get it I still have to get used to it but I'm hoping I can get started soon! You're a great help and a bit of an inspiration for me!
@NtKGar: is there a particular reason why you don't use smackjeeves as your main host? im asking because im planning on starting a webcomic.
I had to do it
@KarklesVantass69: if it was adoption I'm shocked how CPS ever allowed the adoption considering where they live
@KiraMiko: the clown kind
@PrincessCrystal: murder clown with a hint of witch perhaps?
February 22nd, 2019
every time I see this page I cry
he done goofed now
I'm sensing a twist coming.
@Foxey: I absolutely love your pfp