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@Foxey: I absolutely love your pfp
still a great comic
I wish I could hibernate till Tuesday
i would be upset about the every tuesday thing but the pages have such detail. i love this comic so much!
@Pink mana: I love your profile picture!
@Ginger: I'm convinced all cats have some sort of social media we don't know about
@LaChouette: any poffin is cute poffin
@NomnomNami: I think you're my favorite creator now XD I love both your comics and your games I just finished disaster log the other day!
Emilios got a sweet spot!
I love this comic so much!
extra points if you guess their gender correctly
@NomnomNami: thanks i looked through and they look really good! btw i love dress treat :3
I love this comic!
@VioletArrow: Hmm what give you THAT idea?
oh noes what could be next?
@NomnomNami: where can I find your games?
i watch anime
I used to watch the anime this is from (bonus points if you can name the anime its from :3)