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I will not put my real but if want to call me something call me Sunshine or Starlight both work for me. I love pokemon, bendy, undertale, and many other things. I love to draw, make comics, sing, dance, fight
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1.That could kinky my dude 2.Bakugou no brath plants get tighter to where you can feel his pain 3.OH MY GOD JUST LET EACH OTHER GO AND TALK IT OUT*knows their not gonna talk anything out*
There is both right there cause well Helleyes screwed him and he liked it and now he get all jelly over them
Bruh like I said before this boy is gonna die save the earth explosion puppy
Jin don't be like me when you get hurt and start laughing like your mental please don't act like me I mean your probably gonna be all feisty like me when someone talk smack about my height but still Oh god all hell gonna break loose
The form would suck if he fucked Ace in that form I mean depends on Ace
Lol his hair is what's getting to me XD it touchs the floor and Bakugou is gonna die at this rate from lack of air
*we realizing something for once*
lol I'm with Bakugou *dying of laughter* I'm sorry just Bakugou is me on so many levels it's not funny same with Hades.......fuck I could be their offspring just based on how I act
Wait huh what cracked?
What's this? A cliffhanger I see why is at the juicey parts there is a cliffhanger?! but I also hate the end of it cause you want to get to the end and you get there and become sad
Damn Bakugou who knew you could get so pissy oh wait your like that all the time and is it that time of the month?*sees a even more pissed Bakugou*
Ace think before you act child you have no clue clue what he gonna do he might be 'nice'
@corrputed-mooch Yes I want to know what he thinks is nice
Damn can you feel the love right there one is blushing while the other looks like he is gonna kill the next nerd who touches him
Helleyes think of what you can do you.....YOU COULD DO SOMETHING NICE FOR HIM I mean beside fucking him
Oh no........*cue me being scared*
*sighs*Ok good I was scared he wasn't gonna make it
Helleyes is gonna make Ace blush by grabbing his hand and it might get worse depending on what he does next
I thought I couldn't ship then anymore then I already do and this makes my ship meter go off the charts!