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Hey hey hey what's today? My B-Day!
Yup its my b-day...i just turned 13. I want to change something in my profile. But idk any suggestions?
This comic never fails to make me laugh
Hey hey hey what's today? My B-Day!
Hey guys! Its my birthday! Im 13 now! And like i said in the pmd comic, i wont hide my age anymore...since i answered those questions saying its private...not anymore! I want to change something in my profile but not sure im asking for suggestions! Reply to my comments to give suggestions.
*snickers* ok thats a funny moment...
Hey hey hey what's today? My B-Day!
Hello everyone! Its my birthday! This is the day where i will no longer hide my age! Im 13 now! I would change some things but idk what...suggestions?
@ILapras: ok ok, dont get onto my nerves...that comment wasnt ment to be I said understood why he/she (not good with genders here) decided to quit! Jeez...why do people get to my nerves when i post something and get the wrong idea?
@Latias+Latios: happy late b-day! and don't worry. kenshi is working on another comic, and he said that once chapter 1 of Virtue Complex is complete, he'll make more pmd saga pages afterwards. so all we can do is wait...but long story short, its not dead.
YAY! A RPG battle! i love rpgs!
lol *laghing at your reactions on the long delay* ahem...sorry, funny bone triggered. good thing your back though
@NeroIntruder: well...ok but you still left me and him worried. Good you haven't forgotten though...
I feel like your forgetting something *points at link*
Its been two months since the latest page dude! Me and Latias+Latios are worry sick! I thought you might have threw pokemon mystery dungeon saga to the death pit!
you probably spent too much time working on you other comic...but you might have forgotten this one. Welp, plz dont let this comic die...its been two months! Im worried that you will call quits
My freakin' god is there alot of coments!
Well i understand why you want to call quits, but cant you just atleast try to end the chapter before you quit? It just makes this comic have a "to be continued..." moment and there will be no answer. It doesn't fell right...
...huh...did i miss a comic before since this seems like a sequel to another comic. I just dont know which though...
BWAHHAHAHA! That first part of the fight was pathetic but funny, i love it! That is a real way to start it of. Also yeah keep it down will ya dude?
Wow ive been seeing more and more comic who died early. But this is the biggest letdown. Well...unless vexx was making more in secret...*runs to find vexx*
New profile and stuff...
I had to though...i couldn't log in to my other account so i have to create a new one. Hope it wont happen again...
@Latias+Latios: heh, funny that i picked a latios pic as my profile image. i love the eon duo too btw. But more importantly i feel the same way about the comic as you said it lol
Heh this comic is funny but im worried if its dying. Dont let this fall to the death trap k?