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Name's secret. I like horror and mystery story. I actually have a comic planned up! I hope you'll like it.
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they are so cute oh my god
ok but thatjust a really chill order liek what the flip

but poor yma.anxious bean
ouch that must have hurt at least as much as a paper cut
@Scandinavian: or two pun even if you think about is closely
ok this was crazyy but i had a song start with a rain sound as soon as i saw the rain in this page and i got so surprised like wow did someone manage to find a way to add sound to their webcomic and yeah that happened
that is a lotsa money
tiny puppy is adorable doggo.tiny snake happy. best doggo
his mom is a dumb bi--ch
what a cute puppy
oh god i feel like the other parent is something really bad or someone we know or something like that
@reddog_f13: big puppy then
ok this is wholeosme on so many level but can i just say how CUTE the tiny sister is? cuz shes the most adorable tiny bean in existance
oh my god
you look a-ma-zing. and a whole lot happier too.

(i love your necklace btw.its very cute definitely fit you)
seeing Noah wit a beard is still so weird even after two intensive hours of reading this
alright so fandom chick is in: Doctor Who, Homestuck, Zelda, Harry potter and memes
February 8th, 2019
this is reaklly good but THAT BUTT tho
is taht a AsRiEl aNd ChArA pLuShY
something is VERY VERY wrong right now
that..dioesnt sound like something Tobias dad would do.especially not on Halloween with how religious he is