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    Katelyn"ART" Lloyd "Writer" Eric "Base color art"
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I know I know where the update. If anybody still read us we been having a lot of problems with personal stuff so yea no comic untill after december we are going to try and get a head so this dose not happen and we can keep to our new comic every two weeks so check back in feb for a new comic
Love LLoyd
comic blues
I am really sorry there been no update for a bit, its my falt. I have not had time to give the artist the new story board so im very sorry. Also her wacom die so we had to wait for a new one but a new strip will be up in the next two weeks. Again thank you our many fans
:( Sorry
Well we got slowed so the new comic will be up tonight for sure sorry guys
I think it looks good cant wait for the next page
September 22nd, 2008
wonderfull work as always
September 22nd, 2008
I read your hold comic at once and keep trying to go forward and its over great job love the art and story
Lloyd (writer for L&ToEV)
wow a comic
Well heaven forbid we have a new comic up. Sorry we been so slow on the updates. We are going to try and keep to our every two weeks on mondays so if all goes to plan. So our next comic should be up sep 22. I would like to thank all of our loyal fans who are still with us. Thanks for your suport and please help us get the word out about our comic. Word of mouth is a powerfull tool and we could use all the help we could get. So if you like us tell your freinds and who ever else you think would like our comic. Oh before i forget nobody sent in any fan art so the contest will keep going untill we get some. Also ill be dong some work on the site and adding a link page of our favorit comics and some other fun stuff. well that all for now
Lloyd (writer for L&ToEV)
I first off like to say thanks to all our loyal fans. Thanks for all your comments we do enjoy hearing from you so please by all means keep it up. Also a note on the contest it still going it will end on the last day of august. So to remind what the contest is it a fan art contest and the winner will get there fan art posted on our site and we will link there comic on our site. So send your art of your favorite charter to , so now for the badness we will not have a comic up this Monday due to the anime convention we will be attending this week. AX in LA so we will be gone most of the week but after that our update will be regular again sorry for the delays but making costumes and everything taking more time then thought. It be fun I’m dressing up like Richard from LFG, Eric will be Ganon from Zelda and Katelyn is going as Zelda, so if you see us their say hi. Any way I am going to post some desk top wallpaper for you guys to download and check out. Again thanks to our fans we are nothing without you guys and remember tell people about us help get the word out Later.
Lloyd (writer for L&ToEV)
yea i say conversation killer
Not the truth lol
June 25th, 2008
looking great
June 25th, 2008
but the cage looks good
lol run little girl run
sombody going to die lol
So thanks all of our fans for supporting us. The comic today is an older one we did before we decided on color instead of inking them. We fell a little behind because our artist is really swamped with making costumes for the anime con that we are attending in July. So we all have been working on different thing for the con and where unable to get a new comic finished before the due date so we are sorry. So instead of not posting anything at all we decided to post this comic so there was a least something new for our loyal fans to read. Thanks for your support and remember spread the word about our comic
Thanks Lloyd (writer for L&ToEV)
great comic love it cant wait till the next one
That will be cool
lol silly paco
June 21st, 2008
looks great
June 18th, 2008
wonderful as always