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Brother in-la... Lazuzi:*mind blow*
Uhh, how can I order a Q&A on Deviant Art, I kinda want something but it's too weird on the comments
Poor HB, little guy is confusing with girls :)
Poor HB, little guy is confusing with girls :)
Nice start
Did she just "ultra extinct"?!?
What will you feel if this adorable one is FLUFFY? *trigger*
U will post 2-3 posts at the same time, won't u?
Welcome the New chapter
The end of special chapter 7
And one more, How can I set my avatar in this Web? Thanks.
Hi there, Im Jim, from Vietnam. I've just knew about this comic 2 months ago. I think Im a newbie in English-speaking. That's why Im have mistake with the grammar. Im also a fan of grass type, but there're 2 pokemon I like most are Leafeon and Shaymin. They are cute ;). I think your comic will help me in English. So, keep going :)
And Axel doesn't know his brother Gai are stalking girls too :)