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*ocean man starts playing*
*ocean man starts playing*
That better not be the hardest he can try
Those cloud-shaped lightings behind StratoQueen 💚 ☁
@??????AAAA: it's her favorite store
While everyone's speculating their theories, no one's mentioned the blue tack fading yellow? Lovely little detail. Is she pinpointing Blue's location?
@Ruby Sparkz: like no one ever was
Gotta catch 'em all
the tree ate them
Gosh darn I love yellow
@Loverofpiggies: did you seriously just Amadeus mountains
@Nua: or it could be a coincidence
Gloomversian? Steamversian? Stratoversian? Ecoversian? I am really curious...
Hello yellow
Oh! I wonder who this will be!
I can't believe Indigo is from a place as gorgeous as this