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If someone said, "You can't read that!" To me, I'd be like, "Just you watch me!"
Speedy is crossing the privacy line, unaware of the things on the other side...
I mean, I don't blame Lazuli, cause she's an ice type. I'm pretty sure all ice types can eat a heck lot of ice cream.
Speedy needs to learn how great chapter books without pictures are.
I think things are going to escalate from here on out, it's exciting!
@8-BitAbsol666: I believe that pokémon is an oc, because I've seen all the of the pokémon anime, and I've never seen that pokémon before.
If you think about it, isn't it kinda weird how Speedy just brought this up from out of the blue? I think Glaceon might think he's intending this is a date.
Jeez, did she take lessons from a fighting type pokémon?
My heart is feeling so torn right now. This moment is just too sweet to me.
If there's one thing that I'm wondering about, did Aquaticflare want to be a Flareon, or did they want to be a Vaporeon? I think either one would make sense.