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I'm seriously afraid of large birds. I don't like birds all that much in general, but anything bigger than a crow freaks me the fuck out. Like I saw a great blue heron, and I was like, "HOLY SHIT!" But then I was in a car so it was okay. If I saw it up close in RL I'd run for my life. And, like, if I saw an ostrich I'd pass out. Legit. I mean, I'm in America, but there are still zoos and ostrich farms. They're out there.
Love it, love everything about it.
He's going back for the bag.
I knew she was a girl :O
Max is a super cute doggy. I love boxers! x3 Oh, and the rest of the comic is awesome, too.
He's not Madara is he? No, I suspect he's not.
omg shark week. I love it. :D
Horses are sooooooo hard to draw! But I like yours and his shaggy feet. *o* He's cute.
I used to scream at my Pokemon games like that.
Chaton! His name means "kitten". He's just about 18 or so.

And his animal form.
That's my brother's name.
January 27th, 2010
Well, that wasn't very nice. xD
January 19th, 2010
This comic is frigging hilarious.
omfg David's happy face is sooooo cute! :D
January 11th, 2010
So pretty! *o* I'm swooning, lol.
XD They're all eavesdropping. Poor boys.
OMG is it molestering time??
What a dirtball. He wants to defile poor Desta's virgin(?) ears.
Mayor McPervy must be thinking something naughty.
I like the story...and I like I'm torn. :O
XD Oh, Maury, you and your paternity shows.