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I like oranges (and the colour orange). Um...I enjoy drawing manga and I appreciate criticism so I can improve. And even if I'm young...don't treat me like a kid, cuz I know lots. Sadly, I don't have Photoshop, so all my pictures are edited on Paint. -_- At least my artwork can make up for the ugliness of Paint. And I really wanna be a mangaka/graphic designer when I grow up...Anything else?
whoa huge thing there
whoa that's huge
I didn't get this page. what happened?
October 13th, 2008
I FINALLY am settled down and can go back to art. I've changed my style just a little bit to make it more improved and realistic. Just a little. But every bit of improvement counts, right?
I know y'all don't care, but I've come back!
yay my violet has been introduced on the first page! interesting page btw very exciting
to all the commenters, thank yu very much i very appreciate yu all.
i'm doing fine in CHina, although i wish to go back to Canada.
i dont think i'll be able to go to the Olympics.
i somehow think this story desribes my life a few months ago. except i gave up. -_________- i'm reading this till the end
i like all yer ideas, but i'm sorta confused. i cant really help in the summer cuz i have no scanner...but i'll try using MS Paint..?if that works, but yeah.
ahahahaha cliche but soo cute!
I am currently in CHina, so I will be posting more now. This page sucks...I think. Anyway, cheers to y'all for stayin with me!
pictue on the left is bee-yutiful
last panel is so cute
This is vamflixy....-_______- other wise known as part vampire, part butterfly, part fairy. see...Violet, when she was young she got bitten by a vampire by careful...she drinks blood.
And she is pretty young for a vamflixy, and much older than a human. Her age is unknown, though, cuz she lived for so long. xD
*is shocked* what happened to her...?!
ahahahah uhoh is that her DIARY?
chibi hiami is adorable
Aww its ok. We all have those days. *pat* this is what i call ok. of course, i'll do better. and yes, kay osse, i am working on my character for your story...unfortunately i cant find it! but i promise it'll be in...
woot you posted! hey, how did you make the cool banner thing (you know for the menu)?
oh, btw, do we read from left to right or right to left?