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I liek cheese
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G r a m m a r C h e c k :
Panel 5 - Amount doesn't have 2 'm's
Final Panel - Comma after Kecleon (i think)
Dam, he's really pissed
A fire type wanting a bath? Nani?
Ikbry deserves all these ambushes
S m e a r g l e
I like pain and stabbing
Pretty much the opposite of almost everyone
I swear to god
If anyone ships this
I'm gonna kill myself
Hmmmm.. I feel like this may have a connection to Leafy in a way
Creepy ass Celebi just made me think of a huge plot twist: Ninetails is possessed, faking everything, and is gonna end up turning on everyone and cause harm and whatnot (please don't hurt my boy pichu)
Kill her! Kill her!
Gwama Chek:
Panel 6 - 'As if it' instead of 'As it'
That's the most boring way to end an argument
I won't ship Blizz and Vay but...

I'll ship Goku and Vegeta
I swear to god if it's that rat
Grammar Check except I'm correcting spelling as well:
Panel 5 - 'Pontencial' should be 'Potential' and 'They have a limited vision' should be 'They have limited vision'.
Panel 4 - 'Isn't obvious?' should be 'Isn't it obvious?'
@HttpLotorius: I think he's possessed or something like that.
If what's happening is what I think is happening, the outcome is not gonna be good at all.
The easiest way to get someone to help you do evil: Simply ask.
This is probably the smallest error but in the final panel, there needs to be a comma after 'you'.