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I liek cheese
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aaaaa it's a pichu it must be protected at all costs
It's your power to give asshats who kill everyone bad times
I swear to god, Axel is ending my depression
Well, someone certainly looks pissed
The optimist side of me is about to take over the pessimist side of me because of this page
If anyone in this had sanity, I would be dead
*Insert Persona 5 'Take Your Time' screen here*
If I never reset Pokemon X, I coulda payed that off
I dont like that smug smile on Papyrus-Chara's face
I'm starting to think that Smeargle is a girl now. Help. Confirm. The. Gender. Please.
Silvia has had soulless eyes on the entire page
This man is automatically a Ridley Main now
I dont know why but I can just imagine them having some fight like in that one minigame in Kirby Superstar
Eevee looks kinda weird with a missing tooth
R e a :
Panel 2 - 'Tastes dirty' instead of 'Tastes like dirty'
Final Panel - 'Thought' needs a 't' at the end
I don't know why, I just see that oran berry as an apple
We all do Kirby, we all do
I have an very, very, very stupid idea: That Kecleon is one of the ones that you see in a dungeon, a rescuer stole from them so they fainted them and ignore this, it's the stupidest comment you will find here.