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I liek cheese
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On Panel 4, is that a typo? Or is it meant to say 'low tie'?
I conaider myself a theorist
Watch this, im gonna predict the future
The next page is or isnt gonna have more of creepy ass Celebi
If this is true, i consider myself a theorist
Watch this, ima predict the future
He is gonna steal em or he isnt gonna steal em
If this is true, I consider myself a theorist
Nearly 2 hours late are you now?
Those facial expressions from Eevee are perfect
I liek Pichuz
No upload yesterday? Im dissapointed
This is the first time I have ever seen Lazuli near Speed and smiling
Ahhh, more of creepy ass Celebi for me to look at
Creepy ass Celebis piss me off
Celebi looks possessed
Her knowledge rank has increased by over 9000
Oh crap, what kind of heckery is this
I like how annoyed Eevee looks in the final pannel
Watch this... ima predict the future

She gonna tell him or she isnt gonna tell him
Oh dang, thats dark... but not dark enough
*Cough* Meloetta *Cough*