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why is everyone i see in smackjeeves (character) a trap. Or am i dumb?
I was offline and i didn't remember ;-;
'O' RUDY'S A BOY?!?!
Female donald trump
OwO What's This?
When u get stabbed by a speech bubble: °,v°
Ur best of them all =3 I didn't forget about alfonso.
Why does she has bandages? it's just scratches...
Francis! Do It!! QUICK!!!
I like to see Rudy touching Tobias =3. It's cute <3
Wow that kid's weird
Awwww! SO cute!
i sensed it
i can sense what's going to happen
@Kaguaririe: *thumbsup*
Can we please get a not homosexual and not trap character next?
@Guest: excuse me what the fuck
Furry =3
I didn't know clowns are witches. Btw Rudy's cute.