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I am a brain cancer survivor who found joy and happiness with sonic the hedgehog on during the 90s era.
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    Lizzy Silvas
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Remember the episode: best hedgehog?
😅 thanks! Glad you like it
That’s on thecartist. 😅 gotta be patient.
Remember he was cray for Lucinda
Looks like in February since Jan is almost over
Oh ya know they are watching their favorite tv show Edger Eagle
Hmmm that’s up to the coloring dude.
Remember they also do the background.
According the the line artist it went great! Now the colorist take over with the background ❤️
I might once they release it to me
The line artist is done 😅 now the colorist takes over and that’s the fun part👌
I’ll check with the artists.
We shall see what happens to him