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@SanjanaIndica: Okay! Thank you for considering it! And I look forward to the feature of this comic! I believe that it will go far!

PS. I found the forums so I have posted explaining my situation and the experience needed etc. I fear no one will be willing to do it without pay though. any advice?
Thank you!
@Kyulein: I would love to know your rates!
whoops! this is a late comment! but I am enthralled with this amazing art that accompanies a stellar story!
If you look at my profile you can see the comments I have been leaving and you will notice that I have been looking for a partner in crime! but have not had any luck. after just bingeing this comic to this point I am starving for more! lol. its such an amazing piece of work and I can tell you put a lot into it. knowing that I totally understand if you decline my request because you have to keep up with this comic and other stuff and if you don't want to just say so! I'm chill! But yeah. It would be an honor to be able to have your assistance with starting my own comic that I have been planning for a while ( most of the characters are four-legged animals but there are a few humans) but I am not confident enough in my own style, so working with someone would be a huge relief. but as I said before dont feel like you have to say yes! either way, I am excited to continue reading this amazing story!
Hey! I am in love with your series and your style! If you are open to it, I would love your assistance with getting my own comic off the ground! Its mainly dogs and other animals but it does have a few humans! I totally understand if you don't want to or cant! so don't feel pressured! Either way, I am looking forward to the rest of this amazing story!
Dudes, You all need to relax, Comic/manga authors need to make money somehow! and patron is a great way to do so, Yes I am sad that the OwO parts are not available to me at the time, but as a fellow author who understands the struggles of guidelines. this is the best option to avoid breaking any set rules, and to make a bit of money to support the production of the comic/manga! Keep doing what you do!
It's all good
@Croozie: I totaly understand, Personal things have cime up recently in my life that are going to be keeping my mind ocupied! So Just keep working hard! cant wait to read more!
Way to relatabel, as a manga (well, wanna be) artist, the 2B pencil is a God send and when it disapers the worl needs to get its shit together before I loose it
@EeveeEon: Hello! I know you are probably busy, but thank you for taking the time to read this! I love your comic! and also, your style is something I refer to help improve my own! I have a script planned for my own comic but I have never felt comfortable with my style and it would be awesome if you could work with me! again I know you're busy so don't feel pressured to say yes! I'm totally okay if you say no! its amazing enough to be treated with your art style and comic!
OMG have you watched the anime the ancient magus bride? the character in this comic with the bone head looks just like the character Elias and this situation is similar to an episode on his back story.
I love your style! I am looking for a partner in crime! I have been planning a comic with Wolfs and a few humans but I am not very good at animals (I am okay but not as good as you!) And I was wondering if you would like to join my dark side? We have cookies! just kidding. I can't wait to hear from you! If you want more information on the series I'm planning. message me and I'll get back to you with the plotline and such!
when is the next update?
@Novae Comic: Good luck to you aswell! i look forward to the feature of this comic and see many amazing outcomes! i just cant wait to see what happens next!
October 24th, 2018
@AngryAngel: i think you mean "YOINK"
October 24th, 2018
I love fingers!

Chicken fingers!
and an ocasional normal finger
October 24th, 2018
October 24th, 2018
im on the edge of my seat!
OMG! my old cat's name was Casanova! we called him nova though, he passed on sadly but now i can remember him when i read this!
@Novae Comic: i absulutly love how the story is going! Just wondering, would you be willing to assist me on a comic of my own? i love your art style! though i have no money to offer i would love to work with you!