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The page isn't really ugly.

Oh, also, lol at Cole's face at the last panel.
A Korean will win. And she will be 14 who was bored one day and drew this lame little comic in 2 hours, or so she says.
And it'll be better than anything you've ever drawn.
No Vick, I can cope with that, but what about Meron?
I already saw this page yesterday.
Awesome, am I first?!
And the plot just keeps thickening.

I wonder how long until we'll get to see Ren's father again. I guess he's like a final boss?
Awesome page, the details are just FAAAAABULOUS *shot*.

Inb--I mean, Shamdu, let's play the World Ends with You together, it won't run well on my computer~ *shot for blog comment faggotry*
You lied to me about what the text for this chapter is going to be? How could you?! *Hate*.
Your comic is weak
Do you know why your comic is weak?
Because it lacks...

Well, you keep the air con on at 11PM!
And it takes a lot of electricity!
His sister wants to eat him? Oh man, that's hot and would make a lovely guro manga.
"if your comic will be some fucking fluffy shoujo mango about a stupid yet sweet girl who falls in love with a emotionally stunted bishounen who constantly tries to rape her (because he loves her!!)I'll beat you up."

Are you making fun of Love Monster, Desire Complex, Hot Gimmick and many other lame shoujos?!
Because I agree. 100%. But how much different is it if the guy verbally abuses the girl (because he loves her!!)? I mean the tsundere guy, of course. And she always goes to that jackass in the end, too.
If I were to make a comic.... It would be the complete opposite of Resonance, and it would be so weeaboo that I'd be compared to Fred-chan's ^_________^ Megatokyo ^___________________^ (<This means I'm talking in Japanese lol>), and I'm not a good author, so I don't think I can do it... *no confidence*.
His sister sure looks old!
You started Resonance when you were my age? I'm so fucking talentless! But mom says I draw well ;_; (she does!)
Happy Birthday.
I thought you were going to ask the Americans about couch surfing. *Disappointment*.
NeW ChaPtEr FucK YeAh
Looking kind of thin and un-muscle-ish there, Gaston.
Awesome inking!
You take things to heart too much. Your work has not been presented to it's rightful audience and that's why it ended up like this. Kind of like throwing Cat Nip to a pack of dogs (or in this case, bitches). They'll sniff it for a while, but lose interest pretty fast. But if it kind of makes you lose confidence, then that's no good! You can't give *those* people what they want, because then that would just mean you lost to stupid 12 year old weeaboos who think anything that doesn't look Japanese is not kawaii enough, because OMG NIPPON>AMERICA LOL =^_____^= ~UGUU
I just noticed that Ren is surprisngly tall. Or is that chick just short?
Aww maaaan, this ain't tentacle rape NOR guro!
You lost me there.
The a/ns are awesome!
The book
Clown, top right corner.
Book is "IT" by Stephen King.
I think I'm kind of cheating.

Also, lol!! Greed, a furry, Murray.... Am I missing someone here?
@Meako: I think he likes you.