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Still don't see how Shadow was able to use Chaos Blast without an emerald, at least in Shadow the Hedgehog he needs one to do so (as fas as I know (enphasis in "I") it is also the only game it shows up)...
Seems like someone here never heard of a toll.
Really, if he isn't going to use it, then either put a fence or a toll. If he is, he should do it.
shadowzack, I doubt it. In the Shadow the Hedgehog game he can't use either Chaos Blast or Control until he gets the first emerald (or it is said that now that he has the emerald he can use them, I don't remember which). But he finds it pretty early on the first stage, so it doesn't affect the game much - but adding this bit, even if not mentioned ever again in the game, clearly makes it a requirement to use these powers.
Since the emeralds apparently scattered after they becoming Supers there is little chance he has one right now to use them (of course, main word is "apparently").
So my bet is on him using Chaos Spear.

Now I see four possibilities: 1- Luigi ramming X and both being hit, 2- Luigi ramming X and putting him accidehe way but being on it instead, 3- Luigi ramming but still going trough, missing or something, and just being a surpise to X or throwing him out of his balance making him a perfect target, or 4- Luigi ramming X and both keep going, out of the way.
Personally I think 2 and 4 are the less likely, but are still possible. With Luigi's clumsiness, my bet is on 3.
In either 1 and 2 Luigi will be hit. This may most probably be the first KO unless he has a green mushroom, and there's still the chance the judges will still consider it an elimination even if he came back. The hit will most probably go through him.
In either 1 and 3 X will be hit. I really doubt it will big deal enough to eliminate him, but as I said Sonic characters have a knack for hitting their enemies at their weakpoints. Even if not, it may still be a cripling damage, specially if it's strong enough to go through him.
And there's Sonic on the way, surprised by both Shadow's and Luigi's actions (not the only one, even Shadow seems kind of by Luigi's). If X's body doesn't soak the hit, or if it isn't on the way on the first place, unless he wakes up in time (most probably, judging by the old cartoons at least) he may take the blast too and will almost surelly be out too.
Unlike some people's comments apparently say I see no way Shadow would be taken down by this though...

Either way, next comic has a high possibility of changing the course of the battle. Even if there's no elimination there's the chance of X getting dangerously wounded, and being on the way of the other's attack may bring harm to team Sonic's teamwork no matter what happens. Dick move, Susa-- Shadow.
Didn't we just see Atty almost fall from one of those cliffs dood? it seemed a little too high to climb so easilly.
Still, I don't see how people just jump down them. I think even Link wold take some damage.
Good point, Sonow, but I believe it may turn out to be a disadvantage for team Megaman. In Bass's, Proto's or even Zero's hands this could be an advantage, but Megaman is unable to kill and X is a technical pacifist, so they would go out of their way to avoid doing letal damage. In fact, now that I think of it, their Super-caused invulnerability may be the actual reason they were going for team Sonic first, since they could dish out all they have.
This, thus, takes your question upside-down - if teams Sonic and Mario can't take a bullet, how can team Megaman expect them to take a full-force, even if non-charged, plasma shot? The answer I came with is - they don't. As you said, they have sci-fi tech, so they probably have the clichéd "stun setting", probably for ocasional crowd-control. Of course, any weapon able to stun someone in one shot is probably strong enough to kill someone less-resistant, so it will still take some shots to take someone down - or at least more shots to take team Mario than to take team Sonic. Considering Megaman plasma shots are slow compared to powder-powered weapons, as can be seen in the games themselves and was beautifully explained in TwoEvilScientists (and demonstated by Sonic outrunning a full-charge shot). Thus, the busters are not so strong and are also not so fast, a big disadvantage in this particular battle.
Most of the acquired weapons are also extremelly dangerous, thus most of them probably won't be used full-force for a direct shot (but, of course, they can always thing of an indirect way to use them).
So, your point is actually one big disadvantage for them now that no one on team Sonic is invulnerable. Luckily for them, their display of power may have been enough to psyche their opponents, giving them a psychological advantage to counterattack this - I mean, they shrugged off every attack and were sending strong ones left and right, on their opponents' point of view. I mean, if you hadn't pointed their "advantage" I wouldn't have noticed, it is possible their opponents don't even know they aren't willing to kill them. Thus, they'll avoid a direct confrontation, diminishing team Megaman's worries.

Acrosurge, as I said in my answer to Sonow, team Megaman may not have such a strength and firepower advantage as we may have led to believe.
However, even though it is not the point of the battle, I felt I should clarify my point about Megaman being able to take X:
Megaman, as you mentioned yourself, is inferior to X in many ways. However, I disagree that he is less experienced, since he has exactly the experience needed to battle X: he once battled enemies who had technological advantage. Not only he battled Quint from between 30 to 40 years in the future in Megaman2 for GB, but also many enemies based on the same technology in Rockman & Forte: Challenger from the Future for Wonderswan.
Not to mention, who can say how more advanced the Stardroids were?
X, however, is the opposite, at least at this point (he is clearly still from the X series). He may be from the future, but his opponents are based on his technology - the less advantage part of it but the AI. Every increase they get is based on his already examined tech. He is at this point a big Black Box, most of his technology is more advanced than everyone else's even if he may not have direct access to it. Thus, his opponents, even if apparently at advantage, they are actually either at the same level or lower than X.
Thus Megaman have fought enemies with huge technological advantage over him, but X haven't. He has more experience, if not on the battlefield, at disadvantage while on it.

supersilver, I suppose it was because they were on Super form and apparently at advantage. Now that they are weakened I expect the focus to go to the apparent powerhouse now, team Megaman. Or, more specifically, X and his armor.

Whoa, sorry guys, I never thought my last comment was going to be that big. Good thing everyone seems to have liked it.
Arc Impulse, if I were to agree that X would win, I would hold the argument you made, X being ultimate weapon vs shadow ultimate lifeform, and would mention that shadow may also be considered a biological weapon but X can't be considered a lifeform until after ZX (when Reploids and humans are equals) or Legends (where humans are actually reproductive carbon-based robots). So, X is on advantage over shadow on the "ultimate" line.

Hero of Comedy, Luigi's hammer proved it is a cyclic battlefield, if he moves himself or the others far enough he will only get behind where he\they originally were on the other direction.

Now, I will comment about the three teams, on a way that I believe may be unbiased:

Team Megaman is the one one on advantage here, so I'll begin by it:
They are doing a good job, dealing with the opposite team that seems to them to be giving the most trouble first to get them out of the way (althoug I believe they may be underestimating team Mario and this may be their undoing). They are also using their own strong points - their weapons - when they think they are most needed, instead of unleashing them all at once insteado of wasting the energy in futile attacks. The move they did to trap Shadow also proves they are well-synchronized.
That said, it seems to someone who doesn't know the series that X is the real fighter of the team, with the stronger weapons, the most resistant armor - that isn't removed when energy gets low - and even a move on said armor that makes him temporarilly invulnerable (but, if no one noticed, leaves him immobile, thus vulnerable, for a split second after the use, at least in the game).
But no. As shown in MSPaint Masterpieces Rock can fight enemies far superior technologically (not official, but clear enough to show what he can do), so he could take X in a fight, even if with some trouble. So, it may not seem so, but Megaman and X are equals.

Team Sonic is only losing mostly because they are trying to beat the enemy on their own strong points.
Sonic and Shadow may not be as strong or resistant as them, but they are faster. Their main mistake on Super form was taking more advantage of the extra resistence instead of the extra speed. Sonic (on who Shadow was based and, theorically, improved) is able to fight Robotnic robots on par with Megaman and X taking advantage of his speed, dodging attacks and attacking the weakpoints, strategy proved right but something they were too confident on the super forms and ignored.

But my money is on the marios, if only just for they being consireded ignorable by the other teams thus the underdog. But they also have their strong points that put them in equal level with the others if properly used.
Team Mario is, as the name says, "the Mario" (check TvTropes). They are the balanced team, physically stronger than (un-super) team Sonic but weaker than team Megaman, faster than team Megaman but slower than team Sonic. Team Megaman's advantage is their strength and resistance, team Sonic's is their speed (even if it was unused due to them being obsessed on fighting punch-out while on super form), team Mario's is their precise moves, avoiding damage and hitting the enemy at exactly the right place at the right time. They also have their items, of which only a few were already used. the green mushrooms can make they even come back from death\uncounsciousness\wathever. The only ones properly exploited yet were the hammers, the starman (the rainbow starman is still around on the ground after being kicked, waiting to be used, and they may even still have more with them) and the plane. There's still the fireflowers, the shells (including the cursed blue ones), the cape, the cannon, the bomb-ombs... and they didn't even use their own powers, like mario's "3d", luigi's superjump... they even only used some of their smash bros abilities. and there's still Luigi's lightining powers and Mario's giant Super Mario form, that on Strikers makes him bigger more than twice Bowser's size. And in Galaxy there's the red starman that gives him flying powers. And there's also still the caps of Mario 64, like Flying Mario, Metal Mario, Shadow Mario...
I other words, they are still holding their game.
Which with them being subestimated and ignored, may prove to be the key to victory.

So, in my opinion, team Mario is the one with more chance to win. The others are going all-out between each others, team Sonic already wasting their transformation and losing all their wings (making another one impossible on this battle) and team Megaman is wasting all their weapons on them, including already losing megs' Rush Jet, and leaving team Mario free to watch and take notes on their weaknesses (like the already-mentioned immobility after X using his move, which Sonic couldn't take advantage of due to be fighting alone at the time and immobilized due to being hit with each time it was used). Meanwhile, team Mario used only a little of their resources, and almost all their attacks after losing the starman power were used on the wining side of the argument, prolonging their battle and weakening them. Mario proved he isn't unable to trick his enemies, answering he fears the weakest avaliable enemyan even a healing item when an enemy tried to trick him in telling them his weakpoints in ThousandYearsDoor and SuperPaperMario.

...Or maybe I'm seeing a little too much strategy there, it's also possible...
@Namm killazilla:
I disagre, the death of Santa may be THE reason for the Elf Wars that made Weil be "punished" with immortality (who had this stupid idea that making someone completelly immortal was a good idea for a punishment anyway?).
I think I'm lost...
The other star doesn't explode space chomps.
And X is already with his armor and used some of his weapon powers, I don't know which other trump card you're talking about
@ Gatemaster
I'll add it to the heap!"

A small cameo on the background may solve your problem.
Next comic, the ninja turtles show up.
who are the first and last guys?
Nice. After all Paris IS (in my opinion) the best-loking girl in the comic.
man, I heard about that before the first Gold\Silver was released...
It is implied I am punching you!
funny, ever since her face was shown I thought Miranda looked like a slut, yet she says MELLANY is the slutty one...
same as TD
Or he could, you know, put it back.
It IS a doll, you know. And by the looks of it, a Lego doll.
Different tastes?

More importantly, why does gatemaster's eyes on panel 3 are green?