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I felt from here...

unfortunately, I was boiling water*holds ice to face due 5th degree burns*
*laughs like a crazy guy with a straightjacket on*
*laughs harder*
That's true. Last time I had unlimited power, they wrote a novel and children's book on why not to make that mistake ever again.

Look for "173,007,348.5 resons not to give Brian the hedgehog power" or the children's version "If you give an idiot some power" In stores now.
He can steel them from other people...

i'm the first non-author commenter
Can I get it to go? I'm don't have much time. I only got 1 hour for lunch.
True That...

true that
*hits yamataro with stolen car.takes emeralds from yamataro. police cars come from the end of the road.*cheeze it, it's the cops!!*runs*
*Gets up fast*you need more than that to make me fall*Runs*
hope they get full medicle help when they get elimanated...

...or not
*KO'S yamataro and ragnarocker*get out of my way!!!I read it first!!!!*runs to Hidden Palace Zone*
Here's hope you got an A

P.S. Best comic I ever read...
you can say that twice...

or as meny times as you like...
I'm a doctor...*gets surrounded with people*
To Mario:

What time does the 2:00 train to New York City leave?
I think He's talking to himself...
take as much time as you need