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Likes: Stargate, Sherlock Holmes stories, mainly Sonic games

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    Andy the Robot
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Hello? Sorry I haven't posted a comic, haven't had access to all nessecary things. I'm here now though
Good, but I don't think it's fav worthy quite yet. But still, I thinks it's good :)

You = Strong Bad
Rick = Strong Sad

That's good because STRONG BAD ROCKS!
Actually, the original quote is "SHREIKED some fat girl" HOMESTAR OWNS! =D
The WereHog's first victim *plays taps*
jk She's OKAY! =D
Uh-oh #1: Amy's Preggo
Uh-oh #2: Eggman has the Chaos Emeralds yet again
Uh-oh #3: Something's wrong with Sonic

(Credit to Speed the Hedgehog for the sprite in the last panel, and the background)
Seriously dude, you need to go to the N.A., Narrators Anonymous
Credit to Green for finding this pic
Where did you find the backgrounds for this comic?
I worked fairly hard on this one.

Dance, Tails, Dance!
You were the ones who thought about it so that's your problem.
O_O WHAT THE FU- *wtfbombed*
It's something that bats use to find their food. They send out a screech-type noise and it goes back to them. That's how they know how far away their prey is.
Be careful about what you say guys.
This is borderlining on deletion, but I'll let it slide
We need to see bowser first