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Hello there,
My name is Seth, and yeah, I'm a girl(I just like looking like a manz. :3). I'm bisexual, and I have a beautiful girlfriend that I call Num-Nums. <333 She's adorable.
I like the computer, drawing, being alone, my buddies, and reading/making webcomics(And music. Can't live without it. <3).

I'm a 117 year-old vampire. I don't bite, though. Humans taste like tear gas. :3
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Life gets in the way for a lot of us- I say go for it. <3 I'll enjoy them.
Girls with boy names are the shit. <33 Just sayin'. And boys with girl names are cute too. I'm just a big androgany whore, so. :D
Oh god, wow. Just the fact that it's still alive and the poor thing is suffering... the emotions on this page are just. Staggering.
I also have a newfound respect for her, because of the way she reacted to it still being alive. <3 She's my favorite character now.
Pfff ATTICUUUS, ILUUU. Yeah no. He's a really unique character- and I give you props.

And yeah, Handgrenade- I was the SAAAAME way! When I was little, it made no sense that they just "fainted"? I thought they died, and the Pokemon Center just had resurrection abilities or something... And even now, when I make one faint in battle and I'm trying to catch it, I go "Crap, I killed it. ;_;"
I never comment on your comic- so I decided to now. Your comic makes me so happy, I swear. Rainbows come out of my eyes in the form of tears. Or something. <3 I love love love you.
And also:
I adore how your 12 year olds look like 12 year olds.
DAYUM! :D I WANT TO DO THIS, BUT.... I have no means to get the comic pages to you. ): Unless it's by mail- but god, that'd take forever, and I'm not sure if that's too tedious or what.
Pfff, I know it isn't a good thing, but re-reading this, I missed the comfy Utisz-in-Cain's-body living style. At least better than currently.
; A ;
everyone else
xD Yes, that is what it means. When I am able to get my hands on a scanner, UPDATES SHALL ENSUE EN MASSE. 8D And thanks for being so patient with me- I appreciate it. <3
Haru is just so ABSOLUTELY adorable. <3 As everyone else has said... DO SOMETHING WEIRD, SHIRATORI. D8<
Also, I love how genuinely sorry and worried and caring Shiratori is in this page. It makes me even more hopeful for what's gonna happen NEXT.
I absolutely LOVE this guy. o.o I think it's the pretty dark skin, and the bitchin' goatee-beart-thing, and his AWESOME sideways hairs. (And the color shirt. Also bitchin'.)
D: My dad moved away- so now his scanner is with him, faar away from me. I'm afraid I have to put the comic on hiatus again.
However, my sister is putting me to work in the time that I can't put pages up- so I get to draw pages. All the time. At least 100 before my next scanner this christmas, most likely.
@I love Spock:
Yeah, that's the dad from the beginning- however, the art's changed, so they don't... really look the same. xD
xD I just thought I'd mention- I LOVE YOUR COMIC SO MUCH. Also- I had no idea you were a gifted animator- because that's one cute blinking cat.

Just out of curiousity, though-- how come none of the pages you put up are girls? o.o Just wondering.
Oooh- what a gorgeous thing to wake up to. ;D

Thanksforthepaaage! I LOVE THIS- AND SHIRATORI = SMEX. 83 Keep'emcomin'~
xD SCHOOL IS THE ETERNAL COMIC-KILLER. The comic won't die of course, but damn if it isn't hurting because of my school work. ONE MORE WEEK- Ijusthavetodofinals. D:

Ah, but is she? Is she hallucinating, or isn't she?
That's part of the weird thing about my comic- stuff'll happen, and it won't seem real, but you'll never know if it is or isn't, because you don't know if it's reality or a product of the characters insanities. <3

Thanks! Don't worry about being a review hog- I'm glad you even watch my comic. :D <3 The last few pages are some of my favorites- they're better drawn than most! 8D
xD I admit, I'm not so animated about fanfics- they're great, though. :3 I haven't read any in a loooong time, but I'm going to read one that's being turned into a webcomic that I'm reading. xDD I need to read it to understand the comic better.
((FYI, I read a lot of SasuNaru fanfics, if I'm reading any of them. <3 ))
I think I have a feeling who it is.
But I dun want it to be him. D:
'Cause if I'm right, I'll start wondering how someone as horrible as him could be related to the AWESOME Niki. >.>
Hey man, I'm just glad you drew one. xD I appreciate the update either way!