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Friendly Neighborhood weirdo.
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@Respheal: People here aren't supposed to know that language ;)
Apologies for the consequent lateness... Managed to get a bit of help with this one, though.
@Respheal: He'd probably just find another way to injure himself lmao
Alright, that's the end of my backlog, so gonna switch back to a weekly schedule.

The comic will upload on Fridays, and will resume either next week or the week after as I end my hiatus.

Hope you're enjoying so far !!
This page's been coloured by a guest artist, she's called Ch4rm3d, she's on twitter n' deviantArt and she does really cute pics if you wanna go check her out
@exca314: Haha, good old Kyubey.
Wonder what would happen if people considered Terms And Conditions the same way they look at magical contracts ? xD
@exca314: Nope, definitely not
Merry Christmas everyone !
Switching the update schedule to 1 page a day, until I get back up to the latest page I've finished.

Hope you're enjoying the story so far !

Thanks for letting me know ima fix this asap xD
Oh, I remember that this is around where i started having uploading issues and had to heavily compress pages for a while. I apologise for the poor image quality... Hopefully will have the time to fix it at some point.
I think I'm gonna need to redraw all those pages at one point.

Dunno if I'll ever have the time for it though...
And we'll never see those guys again... Right ?
Doten knows every guard by name, of course.
Yah know, I figure I should be saying stuff under here huh ?

I just don't really know what to say, haha. Hope you're enjoying the comic so far !