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Don't jinx it Lazuli
@Eds1516: I think you made a spelling mistake, Let me correct you. Speedy and Lazuli.
AwWwWwWwW hE pRoTeCtInG hIs BuDdIeS, hOw SwEeT
*Gasp* he be wearing the scarf!!!
I bet that another pokemon will appear out of nowhere (like they always do) and come and scream at eclipse for being superstitious and then they will be like 'It happens every time -.-'
That's why Misty hates bugs........
And why I hate Misty
That Absol is absolutely gorgeous! The details are done perfectly and I can hear her saying the words! This is probably my favorite page!
I think they are all used to having things fall on them
Navi makes the best decoy, maybe she should do it more often!
I personally think that Sunshine will evolve into a Leafeon, Espeon or Flareon becaus of her name but that is my opinion.