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When one door closes, you can open it again.
Here's hoping that things will start to improve for Irene soon enough!
Oh, c'mon, Sebastian. Shoulda said that she looked "Incredible." ;)

But, this is a fun little strip, and yay, congrats on hitting triple digits!
Glad he was only mostly dead, since we know what you can do with someone who's all dead.

Glad it seems like John and Iris are 'out' to the group as well!
Sealed for Freshness
That's a lot of Ioun stones. typically there's only one.

Heh, and hopefully John and Iris and Sebastian won't make the table too awkward. And glad that they have Jeanoic under plastic wrap, that'll help'm keep longer.
No chance of denial.
Jo has a long, long, long day ahead of himself, it seems. Least of which is the fuckering of a John/Goofy hybrid going on in his head...
Surprise Bear!
Somehow, I don't think Sebastian invited this bear to the party.

Heh, Seb seems to want to make a bit of a bow-out, but also seems like Iris and John both aren't eager for him to leave. This should be a very interesting period of time for the trio.

You know.. if they survive this.
Boiling Point
I mean, the sexual kettles for both Iris and Sebastian and John were getting to a rather high ground...

Here's all hoping that after John's major hangover, things will go smoothly for them.
Tents Pitched
I see that John starts out as a sad drunk... then turns into a horny drunk.

And, yes... yes Sebastian would look good in a bunny outfit. Methinks John might be getting a little furry the higher his BAL goes.
Not like him
Sounds like John's general approach to "The Great Outdoors" is the distance between his front door and his car door...

Well, hopefully things will go well with Rox, Max, and Jane...
She fought the law and... well...
Yeah, I have a feeling that this isn't the first time Roxanne has been in legal issues. Or even the first dozen times..

Also, methinks a certain shopkeeper might be named "Perry" and is from another world and is laying low on the puny "Earth" for just long enough to catch up on her soap operas...
A truce
Seems the boys can stand being in the same facility together now, that's good. Perhaps things will get closer? Who knows.
Liquor and Dice
Well, yeah, I'd avoid Monopoly, and Cards Against Humanity.

But, with enough booze, I'd completely recommend "Bunny Bunny Moose Moose"
Hell of a plate
I imagine Zoey must've been very, very good to get that vanity number!

Guess everything seems to be moving on. Hope that Dread Z gets back on her feet soon enough. Sleeping in the back of a car, even a KITT must be murder on her back.
A jagged slice.
I think we all would like to think when we are given plenty of money and power we'd be generous, magnanimous people. Heather... well, I think she saw the kind of influence she held, and thus her most base instincts came to the forefront. There is an intoxicating pleasure of getting what you want all the time, and I think Zoey's desire to make their relationship closed off probably made Heather's actions more enticing, for now it was something forbidden as well.

Speaking as a polyamorous person myself, Heather is certainly a toxic representation of that. And I've met people like her, and I pity those that are used and thrown aside in their wake.

I also have a feeling that Zoey probably needs to visit a clinic.
Remove the sliver from his heart
Well, considering Heather and co. are judges, I don't rate their chances high on winning, but, hey, going out and doing your all is the important thing.

And looks like John doesn't need those bottom two floating ribs anymore after Iris gets done with him!