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that's the last update for this week!!! OMG 10 updates!!! hope you find my manga interestng!! if yah liked it.. fav it!! lols..

i'm still working on some points of the story... whaa can't wait to update more of this!!!
yup.. it's time tothem to escape!! i love Kaori's chibiness here
tanx glad you like it
note hoves 3: hoves no.1 is talking about Kaori... just like i said in the previous page... that is her true name.....
hahaha love this page!!!!
End chpter1
end of chapter 1
meet Lazarus new character.... Lazarus and Gail grew up together as friends at first but eventualy they grow to hate each other (haha flashback scenes stay updated)... once a member of the company as a trainer and one of the top assasin like Gail. Has envy Gail until now...
hope you all like the story so far!!!!

another new character!!!!
head of security of the company...
a bit info
yeah!!! meet Kaori.... Gail's sister...
well that's what he *gail* named her..
her true name is Hoves # 3... the name Hoves is used to refer as a house slave.
another update!!!
guys.. please support my other manga... Death Slave... here is the link hope you enjoy it too
sorry, i didn't update for a while!! here is hot freah page..

P.S. by "this guy" he means Tama's body... cause that is daiki talking to korin
sorry for some spelling error hee and some grammar error... will revise.... please bare with it... lol
First page!!!
yippe!! my mnga is up and running!!! tnx for the first comment Alder!!!!!
yeah i know.. i just got lazy editing it...hehehe
whaa.. i got lazy doing the tones!!!!
thnks lory... glad you like it

well...i'll just change the face a little bit..hehehehe
change in art
uhmm from here and on.. i'll be changing the art style a little bit so that it'll look more cute..
i made a artwork for one of my characters... uhmm just wanna share it....

whaa need to put up an art link next time
tnx redemption!!! so kind of you.... i'll be looking forward for it....thank you again
i'll go for 3.. hahaha