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I enjoy engaging in creative and sophisticated actives, such as reading, writing, and drawing.
As long as I get to watch it turn into a beautifully horrifying freak show, of course.
Suddenly your fit that could have been forgiven and forgotten is now going to tear up your reputation for the rest of your life no matter how much you try to move on they'll forever see you as a awful being.
Just a few words is all it takes to do so.
@Gin: Welp, guess I lost that unofficial bet.
@Gin: They seem to have two glowing green eyes. So probably not.
...Huh. They haven't known each other for long, but they're already kissing.

On a unrelated note, every sweet moment means more torture for the next moment. That's why Rudy didn't die when he had the pills in hand, he hasn't been tortured enough yet, and neither have the rest of the characters. I wonder how this moment will turn on its own back...? Or will it not need to?
Well shoot I have no idea what this could possibly be-


Well if you look closely it looks like two figures connected to each other in panel five.
I can relate, I hate it when people help me.
Damn I can relate to Adam so much, I got into so many fights when I was younger, and it didn't matter if I lost or if I was terrified a second before. I never learned, I'd always fight if I could chose to do so. Having a mom who started crying if her friend didn't contact her every hour didn't help either. I hated the idea of being soft.
...Wait, is that green feather more of a reference to Ho-Oh's green feathers, or the Lunar Wing?
Commence the violent spraying of silly string.
I am surprised to see myself sadden with the comic's ending, but all things must go.

I think one reason I liked this comic so much is because this was my first deer comic, so I always felt they were underappreciated. I also adored Rig's quirky and smug personality. Her speech was also much like my own sometimes.
I love this twist with Rig feeding off of the hare. Its just what Fen feared, but somehow, that amuses me, heh.

Also, very pleased to see Rig taunt Deadwood even the tiniest bit. I didn't have much against Deadwood, but I know how smug Rig must feel, hue.
...Is eating candy like a miracle to Tobi then?
...Well that's one way to look at Halloween.

I just hope nobody dresses up like a imp.
"We won't need legendaries or mythicals either." I bet she'll imply next.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, nobody is probably being rude to her back because she's either too naive or she has a lot more power being a Ninetails according to lore, rather than game mechanics.
I guess a doe can change her colors after all.
Can we just have Rig going to right where Deadwood can't reach her on the edge of the forest then just have her making angry deer noises at Deadwood?

...Assuming her having a new color scheme means she lives.
...Celebi I don't think your helping.
Oh! So basically this is going to be "Heros of (Something)" with a new dungeon system? Okay, I really like this. I thought the dungeons were going to be modified for comic purposes but this seems like someone could ACTUALLY make a fan game out of this. I love it.
@Flareon1225: Basically Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team were the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games in the series, y'know, the series this comic is based off of, AND takes place in. Just in a AU, of course. The games that came afterward were Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky, which were a lot better than the first games. So that's why there's that whole "Rescuers vs Explorers" thing. You might want to look both of those games up if you want to catch up a bit.
Wait wait wait am I the only one who knows who those Buizels are?