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I enjoy engaging in creative and sophisticated actives, such as reading, writing, and drawing.
As long as I get to watch it turn into a beautifully horrific freak show, of course.
August 11th, 2019
This went a lot worse than I expected.
What a showoff. I love it.
@bonberjean: Owls eat mice, and Pichu is, in fact, a mouse.
I still have high hopes on what it'll mean as Tobias's schlera turns darker overtime. Or atleast, what it means as his blue eyes get brighter.
Nevermind. I just thought he couldn't handle the awkwardness of being a third wheel. I feel a little oblivious.
Once there was a wolf with orange eyes.

He was so ugly, that everyone died.
(Okay please don't take this joke seriously I actually really like the wolves-)
Yeah George has no idea what she's doing. You can hope all you want everything will be okay but if you don't get your ass off the couch well then your free to sit your ass on the side of the road. George IS hopeless, and she'll stay that way if she doesn't come to terms with reality. All or nothing.
Huh, I'm surprised my prediction about the "Zu" noise came true.
Zu Zu Zu? ...Zorua? ...Probably not, but I don't really know how Zorua's Illusion ability actually works.
...Yeah I don't think I'd know what to do either in this situation. Everyone basically just turned into a third wheel.
That optimism... I don't know. It just made me really happy for some reason.
Oh good, the offending side won after that little "You should have!" comment. Now it can be forgive and forget-

...Oh damn. Now he's going to be the herd's fool. Shit.
Suddenly your fit that could have been forgiven and forgotten is now going to tear up your reputation for the rest of your life no matter how much you try to move on they'll forever see you as a awful being.
Just a few words is all it takes to do so.
@Gin: Welp, guess I lost that unofficial bet.
@Gin: They seem to have two glowing green eyes. So probably not.
...Huh. They haven't known each other for long, but they're already kissing.

On a unrelated note, every sweet moment means more torture for the next moment. That's why Rudy didn't die when he had the pills in hand, he hasn't been tortured enough yet, and neither have the rest of the characters. I wonder how this moment will turn on its own back...? Or will it not need to?
Well shoot I have no idea what this could possibly be-


Well if you look closely it looks like two figures connected to each other in panel five.
I can relate, I hate it when people help me.
Damn I can relate to Adam so much, I got into so many fights when I was younger, and it didn't matter if I lost or if I was terrified a second before. I never learned, I'd always fight if I could chose to do so. Having a mom who started crying if her friend didn't contact her every hour didn't help either. I hated the idea of being soft.
...Wait, is that green feather more of a reference to Ho-Oh's green feathers, or the Lunar Wing?