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We ask that you visit our site if you are interested in written work. As listed under the heading above it is We have the beginning of a webcomic on this site as well. So please check it out.

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I love manga and the webcomics I have been reading here. I like reading, writing, and drawing.

I Love all sports, reading books. drawing and creating stories (some just in my head others partially written).

Note:All stats are still accurate as we are identical twins. Booyah for twins!
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    Xanthe and Psyche (shared)
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Absolutly loved it. I can't wait till your next work! ^_^
I love it. I think she's gorgeous.
Oh I adore Kokoro!
And thank you from me too.
Sorry I'm confused, why is Zarinth's life in danger?
Leap up to the clothes lines Wahooo!
*wry smile* Shimo cut her off.
I love the way you do the artwork.
oh he's in a tight spot.
Mwuha that was so funny, I love it!
What all of them said.
.....all the good stuff. ;)
thank you for the update. ^_^
Yay! First flight, I'm so excited! Gorgeous artwork as always. luv ya ^_^
I absolutly love this comic. I wait in anticipation for the next page every time. Awesome Job.
*hopeful gleam in eyes* Does this mean I get to read more? *full of anticipation*
Yay! update! I'm always really happy when you update. ^^
Yay new page!:) and I didn't mix them up.
post them I want to see them!