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Dragon Fairy

The sky prince pokemon

When an eevee hatches all alone during a solar eclipse, its DNA is mutated so that it only evolves once it has high happiness, affection, and friendliness with its trainer.

the eevee looks like a shiny but it has one pale blue eye that cannot see and one light lavender eye. It hatches without knowing any moves.


Dark Psychic

The moon fox pokemon

When an eevee hatches all alone during a lunar eclipse, its DNA is mutated so that it only evolves when saddened

the eevee is pure black with silver eyes. it hatches blind and not knowing any moves
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@BrimazKing: *internally screaming the Ten Comandments* I can't tell if you are being serious or only joking
@Ark Bluegate: A steel type has been confirmed if you watch @HDvee you will find the newest korakora (think thats how its spelled) leaks. dragon and flying type rumors have yet to be debunked but GameFreak has not confirmed nor denied the 'leaked' dragon type images.
@Flareon1225: that would also explain why FLuffy heard Sunshine's parents, if you look on the DeviantArt link that someone posted on the last chapter
@ARS Creed: I think the eyes are changing to brown, but the shadowing just makes it look like maroon.
uh oh.... did Flare defeat the virus by befriending Fluffy?
I wonder what will happen if Fluffy becomes a real Eevee instead of a Shadow Eevee
Did they figure it out? Gai sure noticed more than I first thought he did
@pkm-150 Will you add the new eeveelution(s) of the new Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games?
@Kidenderman05: I agree completely

Plus, I love Skillet!
Sylveon can be pretty creepy...

Why am I part Sylveon? I could be just a dragon type T~T
Aha! He's talking about Trace! Knew it wasn't Black!
And now, she developed a crush on Speed the Rescuer
@waffle666: am I thinking what you are? If so, then I will be fine with a ki$$... if not then... IDK what to say.
@SpartanFury: if that happens... im sure Speed is to get a face full of Ice Shard or Pound... even though it would only be accidental