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faved+ tis is great. keep it up.
yes traced. but the colors and shading is 100% custom. also i never claimed them to be can totally burn me now.
first time doing pixel harsh i don't care.
first time doing pokemon. im not showing the little sprites, i know their just showing off the pixel art-ish char which i had to edit.
god!!!!your drawing style is minute its its cute...then its aggressive....

keep up the good work.
wait!....i see some edits....mite i think one of them is FRENZY!

whats gonna happen to furor? is he gonna reappear in zx?

you do realize that by saying

*Holding back a Mansex joke*

you made a mansex joke.
gun sucks, sword is too simple to be an edit and i can barly make out the mandibles.

F- for recolorness
when you post recolors, there is no love.
dont post RECOLORS!
adres is soooooooo a super hero!
um looks like a recolor.
you guys dont know the concept.hes gunna be a char in my up and coming comic.hes technically good.not evul.good.
made him with my custom builder.i love the abs.
hair is definatly pillow shaded.but i tried hard not to over do the body.
FIRST custom. meant to be no legs.
gasp....a new black guy

ps im not racist.
@dark:woudn't you be scared of a glowing red eyed robot?
i think its time for a new banner