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Eh, basically made this account for reading yaoi.

That's all you're getting out of me. Leave me alone.
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i forgot they were there too-
i love them
i wanna give amanda a hug
im just going to try to ignore the neverending rage that tries to consume me whenever nate's father is mentioned by focusing on how cool amanda turned out to be
July 26th, 2019
im sad
i was fine but now im sad
how dare you ;-;
*confused panicked screaming*
im scared
i suspected this was coming but it still managed to take me by surprise
amanda i love you
*screams in panic mode*
my ship
this is adorable i love it
drew thank you youre trying and i love you for it
@SeBriar: as he SHOULD BE >:/
gavin you are amazing and i love you
just thought id say this- this comic helped me figure out that i was genderfluid. bless ky, bless the author, bless this comic
"Are you a boy or a girl?" "Sure."
Ky is a mood.