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@Chaosky Actually I rejected it but whateva
Those are some big trees.
Fuck physics, man.

Think crazy.

Then you'll get back inside.
Who DIDN'T invite me here?
standin on the ceilin'
Cause physics are for pussies.

No offence, Chaosky.
Ofcourse there's ground out there, the camera angle just makes it look like there isn't.

Best story ever... ;.;
September 18th, 2009
You just put a bunch of sprites in random places.

I think someone's lazy.

@Djoing- Da-da-dish. xP
Yeaaah... Actually, that ducking thing was also in Diamon And Pearl.

Also, theres a rare time where when you're at that board, a wild Croagunk will come by and walk into the Great Marsh.
@tedelf- That was only in Sonic X, which isn't canon with the game series.
'in that guy's balls'... O.O
Animation? Lies. I see no anima--- Oh there it is. o.o You can kic my ass nao 8D
Oh look, a gaia online version.