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Da egg be hatchin!
What will come out?
My insides are literally freaking out here right now!
@Garnet107: i have plenty for everyone! Here!
*hands you a slice*
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: oh ok....i guess it makes sense

Want cake? :P
100 pages! Who wants some cake?

Oh goof

Btw, since ceadr is a marshtomp...she's now technically a true mother herself right? No?
Cuz that reaction is what i would expect from a mother in that situation
Even with your post, still ded no matter what
Yup ded
Nice reboot...
A dead one though...
What did i just come across to?
The toxic comes! Kenshi did his part
What is she a detective?
Why are we-oh right
Im guessing you got the fighter pack 1 for SSBU?

Also why you surprised Kishi?
Hm...deja vu anyone?
@yellowflame16: gotta agree with you there
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: wow...thats really fast!
Maybe its because im used to emerald, so leveling up was slower than OR and AS
Not as if i didnt wanted this evolution to happen, i like marshtomps too
But still...THIS EARLY?!
Oh they are so screwed now