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never expected Nero to believe that's kirby right off the bat when he said it...due to the disguise
oi its taking too long! did you get hit by many icy winds or string shots?
@pixlyJolt: *gets smashed down by some random person as soon as i saw that comment*
irony on panel 4
@Nova Ozuka: yeah i agree, its more "wait a minute..." face than what i said or "wtf?"
@Hoopa 720o: we all relized that, i read it 3 times
Also kirby is like "why did we turn around...twice?"
@Hoopa 720o: welcome! This IS a great comic am i right?
Me (yoshi): Holy hell! Kenshi will destroy those who get in the way when he wants revenge!
Me (kirby): did his guts fall out yet?
Me (snivy): *smacks kirby me*
this is a surprise...after you canceling your 2nd comic kurtis...
(man ive been gone for so long also...)
1) nice new avatar!
2) whats the hold up?
a black snivy with white hair...
and here i am as a white snivy...pure white
(hey at least my idea wasnt stolen)
*plays the run meme*
this had to come out at some point, and here it is
What apocalypse?
@Yellowflame4444: that you mentioned it, it does look like the bug gym in b&w 2, i can see that
My fav gen 3 legendary! Yas!